Premium taxi Kaliningrad

City trips
Min. coast (1- 3 km) 300 rub
More 3 km 30 rub/1 km
Khrabrovo Airport
Kaliningrad Airport 1000 rub
Airport Kaliningrad 1000 rub
Kaliningrad Airport 1500 rub
Meet with a sign 200 rub
Country trips

1000 rub


1500 rub

Rent a taxi
1 hour of rent 1200 rub
10 hours rental 10 000 rub
Minimal car rent - 2 hours. Additional Information: 522-106.


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Travel time
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We care for our clients

Our service

The business taxi service is a market niche where we provide taxi services in Kaliningrad, and the Lexus brand we have chosen is definitely а business class taxi. Thus, the name itself allows us to access the premium segment. Besides, this car fully satisfies our clients’ need in reliability, comfort, and safety. Our premium taxi is solid construction equipped with ten airbags and front seat protectors. Any trip with Premium taxi is as comfortable and safe as possible. We are sure that our passengers will fully assess the advantages of the business class taxi in Kaliningrad.


The best for the best

Dudnik Sergey
Solovyeva Alisa
Being the founders of the Premium taxi project in Kaliningrad, we decided to assume a driver’s duty too in order to build our business as we thought best. Premium taxi is based not only on a financial component, but also on a comfortable and friendly cooperation atmosphere. We are always happy to serve you! See you soon in Premium taxi Kaliningrad!
“Premium taxi” Kaliningrad

Here we should mention that this is the first experience of setting a family taxi business in Kaliningrad. We have developed a user-friendly official site where you can order a taxi online, get acquainted with taxi fares, book a taxi, and calculate a taxi fare for any place of the region. You can trust us since Premium taxi is an official taxi business. We have got all the necessary licenses to launch a taxi business in Kaliningrad.

Official site

We have paid a special attention to the company’s representation on the Internet as a quality business taxi service cannot exist without an official taxi site. With no doubt, we can say that we pride in our taxi’s official site! We have done our best to make its interface user-friendly and intuitive. Here you can easily calculate taxi fares within the city, get to know taxi fares for the Khrabrovo airport or to any other place in our region. Also, it won’t be hard to book a taxi in Kaliningrad by Viber, WhatsApp, Skype or calling us on 522-106.

About the project

Premium taxi Kaliningrad

How it all started

Nowadays it’s not easy to think up, and what’s more, implement a non-standard business idea. A modern person’s reality is sated with all kinds of services. However, we have been living outside Russia for long enough to realize there’s no premium taxi service in Kaliningrad, so called business taxi or VIP taxi. We have studied lots of official taxi sites, one after another, but we haven’t managed to find a premium class taxi in Kaliningrad. That gave us an idea to set up the Premium taxi service in Kaliningrad.

Project idea

The Premium taxi service is first and foremost oriented at our clients’ security and satisfaction. A driver of Premium taxi in Kaliningrad speaks fluent Russian, English, and Swedish, which makes our service unique among other taxi services in Kaliningrad. Visitors to our city and clients of Premuim taxi Kaliningrad will certainly appreciate the fact of being able to communicate with a driver in their native language. Besides, the official site of Premium taxi in Kaliningrad is at your disposal, too. You can now call a taxi in any way, by Viber, WhatsApp or Skype, and thus avoid roaming charges. We hope that you will assess the Premium taxi project in Kaliningrad at its true worth.


Once we decided on our activity niche, we had to choose an adequate car for Premium Taxi Kaliningrad. We examined various car brands and finally set our choice on Lexus ES 200. We bought a new car though a dealership and started to turn it to the final product - Premium taxi Kaliningrad. According to regulations, we put our taxi phone number on the car body in a professional workshop, bought Austrian LED lights, developed a brand logo for our business taxi, put it on the car body and, finally, we mounted new luminous disks to make our premium taxi even more stylish. Next, having prepared a package of necessary documents, we got a license to conduct business in the sphere of taxi services in Kaliningrad, opened a bank account, set a POS terminal for making payments more convenient, and then we set to work.

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